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How Do I Transfrom Myself?
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Dr. Rohit Krishna with Indian President
Dr. Rohit Krishna is a Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing in Delhi for the past 15 years and currently working with the Max group, a renowned, state-of–the-art chain of hospitals...

Cosmetic surgery

Welcome to the India’s prominent cosmetic and plastic surgery center incepted by Dr. Rohit Krishna with the commitment to implement expertise, experience and technological excellence to change the feel people with physical deformity live with. During last fifteen years career history, Dr. Rohit Krishna has laid several milestones for cosmetic surgery trade to bring glory and international recognization to India and himself.

The zeal to do something extraordinary for the community, led him to introduce Vaser Lipo technology for instant fat removal with precise control. Currently, Dr. Rohit Krishna is associated with world renowned Max group, state-of–the-art chain of hospitals. The success stories of Dr. Rohit Krishna’s Vaser liposuction boost the confidence of celebrities and common people both to live again with improved personality and comfort. So, forget the worries for extra fat deposits or undesired shape of body parts; and, call us to know the extremes of:

Liposuction Lipo Sculpture Vaser
Breast Enlargement Breast Reduction Face Lift
Abdomen Reshaping Upper Arm Reshaping Minor Cosmetic Surgery